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Comprehensive Marketing

Black Diamond Marketing Group offers comprehensive marketing communications services. Marketing planning, creative, media planning/buying, electronic media, direct marketing, public relations, web site development and optimization, social media or tag lines are all part of Black Diamond’s depth of services. If you want to take advantage of all of Black Diamond’s services (or just one in particular) we will work with you to fulfill your needs. Beyond experience and efficiencies, Black Diamond Marketing Group offers flexibility and smooth execution in utilizing the organization’s resources – one or all of them.

Marketing Planning

A core competency of Black Diamond Marketing Group is its ability to offer comprehensive marketing communications planning to leverage all opportunities in achieving your business objectives. Having worked on the client side for major corporations in developing and managing the marketing planning process, we know what is needed. Working closely with clients’ sales departments, customer information, data mining and goals, Black Diamond can develop marketing plans that identify areas of opportunity and hence, provide clear direction. The planning process integrates all available resources- advertising, direct, collateral, internet, public relations, mobile applications, sponsorships and partnerships- so that they are all operating in sync to achieve your desired goals. The process creates an infrastructure from which all outward-bound marketing communications are launched and tracked. The marketing plan can be created to cover a brand’s entire product set and services or, for a specific component at a specific moment in time. Even if you have a marketing department of your own, Black Diamond Marketing Group can bring fresh, objective thinking to the table with a track record of results. It’s not always the old maxim “If you fail to plan then plan to fail,” – but why take the chance?


Black Diamond Marketing Group creates advertising for all media and all markets. Our experience has covered a broad range of categories and initiatives whether it’s a product, service or a new positioning, our creative services can incorporate all types of marketing executions including print, outdoor, television, radio and internet advertising campaigns. From developing a single print ad for an individual product, or creating a comprehensive, multi-media campaign for a major brand launch, Black Diamond has a proven track record of designing communications that get results.

Public Relations

Critical to a brand’s success is how it is viewed in the public’s eye. Clients can utilize Black Diamond Marketing Group’s public relations expertise to communicate their message to a wide range of stakeholders, based on marketing objectives. From customers, to government and community leaders, employees, shareholders, vendors and the media, we have the expertise to develop a PR strategy using the best tools and well-crafted, well-timed messages to reach your target audience and sustain interest in your message throughout a communications campaign. So if you want to put the right “spin” on your message outreach, Black Diamond’s public relations has the solutions.

Collateral & Design

Beyond the instant allure of advertising, organizations need to provide customers with important information in-hand. Black Diamond has extensive experience in creating collateral and point-of-sale materials that allow prospects to make confident purchasing decisions. The Group’s capabilities range from brochure and mailer development to creating comprehensive catalogs, annual reports and customized calendars. Complementing these talents is Black Diamond’s ability to create a corporate identity, develop a logo or tag line that will separate your brand or product from its competition. As proof of recognition of the firm’s quality work is that year after year Black Diamond Marketing Group wins the industry’s leading awards for Excellence and Distinction.

Media Planning

The most well-crafted message on earth can’t connect if the right audience doesn’t see it. Black Diamond Marketing Group provides expert media planning and buying services designed to reach your target, whether it’s national or neighborhood specific. As part of the planning process, the media group develops multi-faceted media plans inclusive of print, television, radio, outdoor, electronic sites, supplements and the internet. The media buys are negotiated, purchased and monitored to ensure effective placement, and will be developed to work with a campaign’s overriding message for greater impact. Often overlooked or viewed as a mere adjunct, Black Diamond considers media placement a critical component to ensuring the success of marketing outreach efforts. At Black Diamond Marketing Group we leave no stone unturned as we prospect for even better results.

Sponsorship & Partnership Marketing

Many times the key success of an integrated marketing communications plan can be attributed to the development of sponsorship and partnership marketing programs with outside entities. Black Diamond Marketing Group provides extensive expertise in negotiating and leveraging sponsorship efforts so that all opportunities are optimized: product promotion, business prospecting, media relations, goodwill, customer entertainment opportunities and more. From local grassroots programs to highly visible partnerships with major league sports teams and naming rights for venues, Black Diamond knows how to create relationships that effectively reinforce brand awareness, increase sales & successfully launch new products and promotions.

Social Media

As the world of social media continues to evolve in terms of its value and importance, Black Diamond Marketing Group can provide the critical advisory services of when, where and what to say on social media to further your marketing communications message. It’s not always what you say; but how you say it – Black Diamond Marketing Group can guide you down the right path that aligns with your overall marketing communications plans for optimal results.

Black Diamond Marketing Group

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