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Black Diamond Marketing Group

If you’re reading this, perhaps you are looking for help with some of your marketing communications – advertising, public relations, media selection, collateral materials – or all of it. Now if you’re searching for a large advertising agency with many layers & departments, we’re probably not the right choice. But if you’d prefer to work with a collection of senior-level experts with big agency and client experience who take your business very seriously, have a track record building brands and sales concurrently, all without the frustrations you find at most communications firms, then maybe Black Diamond Marketing Group is for you. Black Diamond Marketing Group pioneered the virtual ad agency work place environment and was formed by a group of seasoned marketing communications and public relations professionals to provide the comprehensive or individual strategic marketing initiatives you may need. We’ve handled major brand multi-media marketing initiatives, new product launches, global marketing repositionings down to grass roots community fund raising initiatives and now devote attention to businesses of all sizes who desire great thinking, smooth execution and a cost efficient marketing partner.

The Difference

Maximize efficiencies.

Black Diamond Marketing Group’s business model is designed to maximize ad agency efficiencies and provide a streamlined process for clients. Black Diamond was one of the pioneers in developing the “virtual office” concept long before life experiences necessitated its more universal acceptance. Our business model has always minimized overhead with our “virtual office” concept which in turn reduces our expense and lowers client fees while providing them with an a la carte menu of marketing services from which to choose. If it is only creative services needed then only the creative team comes into play. You won’t be assessed an overhead fee to help cover the other team members’ expenses, as is the case in a traditional agency. It is the same with public relations activity, web site design and so on. However if comprehensive marketing communications services are needed, then Black Diamond professionals will work together to create a seamless, integrated and strategic plan without all the office trappings and their associated expense. Incidentally, our clients always get the senior members experience 100% of the time since there are no junior members on our team. Whatever your marketing, advertising or public relations needs – long term, short term or one-off projects, Black Diamond Marketing Group’s business model ensures cost efficient results.

Black Diamond Marketing Group

We devote our attention to businesses of all sizes who desire great thinking, smooth execution and a cost efficient marketing partner.